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Cool notes on UI Threading in Winforms

By the legendary Jon Skeet.

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I tend to use static classes in C# a bit too much for comfort, because most of the time what I really need is, perhaps, a singleton.

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Doing installs is hard, let’s go shopping!

For unattended installers, that is.

I’m currently working to simplify some NSIS-made installers, some of which start other installers, and if I can turn some of them (better yet, all of them!) unattended, I know I will make some people happy.

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Hi, welcome to my blog. I’m your host.

I’m a software developer, and like most software developers, I overthink just about everything. And underthink them too. At the same time.

I don’t want to pull a (what’s his name?) and blog about my problems at company X and get fired, but I do feel the need to share ideas and experiences in software development.

So here I will expound my thoughts on various topics, software related, and hope to gain from the experience. I hope you do too.

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