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Remember the Ctrl-S shortcut, Keep it Holy

2011-02-03 6 comments

I’ve been using an old (really old now that I think about it) SQLite GUI simply called SQLite Administrator for years. It’s light, retro-compatible with SQLite2, and does the basics of what one wants out of an SQLite GUI:

  • List tables
  • Table (and triggers, indexes, views) edition/creation GUI
  • On the fly queries
  • Export to CSV

If you’ve used Windows enough in the last 15 years, you know Ctrl-S means save. Across dozens of programs. If for some reason there is no save function, Ctrl-S is rarely used.

SQLite Administrator broke holy law (besides being pissy about large integers and dates) by mapping Ctrl-S (undocumented) as clear screen (and of the no undo variety).

Now trying SQLiteStudio.