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Counting objects

This is a variation on the classic C++ approach, adapted to C#. While .NET has its Garbage Collector which takes care of all objects you don’t need, at some point one might need to track how many instances of an object were created, or are active.

public class SomeClass
    public static int ObjectsCreatedCount = 0;
    public static int ObjectsActiveCount = 0;
    public SomeClass()

That way, you can use SomeClass.ObjectsCreatedCount to know how many objects were created, and SomeClass.ObjectsActiveCount to know how many objects are still around at any point.

Another thing of note: C# classes do have destructors, contrary to popular belief. It has no delete keyword because of the Garbage Collector, and there’s little management to do for memory, but there’s still a possibility of using a destructor.

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